Pricing and Offers

Driving Lesson price is

1 hour - £33

2 hours - £66

10 hours - £310 save £20 per block

Motorway Driving Lessons

1 hour - £37

3 hours - £105

4 hours - £138

since Monday 4 June 2018, learner drivers are able to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales. This will help to make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely.

Learner drivers will need to be:

  • accompanied by an approved driving instructor
  • driving a car fitted with dual controls

Any motorways lessons will be voluntary and at the full discretion of the driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough and upon ascertaining that pupil has reached driving test standard skills. Lessons need to be booked in 3 to 4 hours slots or depending how far a pupil lives from a motorway. The price for these lessons is £37 per hour.

The nearest motorway is the M5 towards Bristol.

  • Full UK licence holders wishing to have motorway lessons and/or Pass Plus £37 per hour
  • Full UK licence holders that wish to have refresher lessons/sessions, the hourly rate is £35 ph

The following methods of payment are preferred :

  • Bank transfer - must be made no later than 48 hours before agreed booked lesson

  • PayPal - ask me for account details though charges apply
 In the present and due to Covid cash and cheques are not accepted
  • Cash - at the start of the lesson and in advance thereafter
  • Cheque - payable in my name, not the driving school's not accepted

  • Recommend a friend and when he/she books and pays for the first 10 hour block, you will receive an extra hour absolutely FREE
  • Recommend more friends, earn more FREE lessons. (This offer only applies when the first block of 10 hours is paid and confirmed)

Get your own Pupil App (£4.99) to sync with my instructor's app and track of all the lesson syllabus, look at and study your progress and next lesson goals - PassRight app download it here from iTunes Store 

How Many Hours?

Statistically, a beginner pupil will need around 30-45* hours on average of professional training plus additional private practice if possible for the best chance of passing first time. Assuming the pupil has reasonable continuity of at least 2 hours per week, however some people may need more and others less and its very much dependent on age.

























 *Table figures above shown are based on the DVSA research

Why having a 2 hour driving lesson each week will save you time and money:

A driving lesson is structured to a pupil's individual needs. It should allow for consolidation of previous topics and progression onto new ones. This can be achieved by structuring the lesson into 20 minutes segments so that the pupil remains interested and motivated without becoming tired and losing concentration.

  • first 20 min - recap of last lesson and drive to practice area
  • 4 x 20 min - introduction of new topics, understanding learned and re-visit topics by practising them
  • last 20 min - debrief and evaluation of the progress made, plan next lesson and return to drop off point and wind down

With commitment to regular training and by taking two hour lessons pupils can reduce the number of hours by up to a third.

Please note: Lessons need to be paid in advance to benefit from the discounts. It's your responsibility to give 48 hours notice, not including weekends, should you need to cancel/postpone your agreed lessons' day & times to avoid being charged.

ie: If your lesson is on a Monday at 9.30 am, then you must call me on the previous Thursday before 9.30 am to inform me you will not be able to attend your lesson as agreed initially.(If you do not give me at least 48 hours notice your lesson will be charged at the normal hourly rate.)

¹ Limited Time Offer can be withdrawn at any time and without notice.

* Available for a limited time only

! Should a refund be asked for on advance block payments, hourly price reverts to flat rate and only the remaining amount will be refunded, that means that discounted amounts are not refunded.

So, why wait! Let's get started!!

Areas Covered:

Bruton, Wincanton, Evercreech, Castle Cary, Shepton Mallet and surrounding towns.

Hours of Tuition:

Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 6.30 PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

BH: Closed

Business Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

BH: Closed