Testimonials & Recommendations

'I just want to say that I really appreciate everything you did for me...your patience, guidance, understanding & above all you cared. You are someone who made an impact in my life who I'll never forget'

Matthew H accepted his dream job in a Belize island resort, Caribbean sea(I'm jealous!)- January 2019

'I passed today!'

Apollo D passed her driving test 1st time in her own car - January 2019

'I passed! Got 9 minors and stalled 3 times but was all ok!'

Rose passed her driving test 1st time in her own car. She's the 4th sibling to pass with my tuition at their 1st attempt in the last 3 years.

Rose H -January 2019

'Hi Sandi. I passed my test today with 5 minors xx thank you for all you taught me and hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year x'

Anna W passed her driving test 1st time in her own car - January 2019

'I passed my driving test with 3 minors. Thank you very much for all my lessons, hope you have a nice Christmas. Millie.'

Millie W passed her driving test 1st time in her own car - December 2018

'Thank you so much for today Sandi and for all your teaching. You have been a lovely teacher and it seems strange we won't see you now. Hope you get some deserved time off soon. All the best ad thanks again' Pat, Patrick's mum.

Patrick K passed his driving test on his 2nd attempt - December 2018

"I have had regular driving lessons with Sandi in Glastonbury, she is a very capable, personable teacher. Each lesson is specially tailored to my requirements and I have enjoyed developing my skills with Sandi. I appreciate the ongoing support and motivation she gives. I will take my test soon."

Matt W - August 2018. Matt went on to pass his driving test 1st time in November 2018

'Just like to say a very big thank you for all your efforts with me over the last few months! Just back from first proper drive [in his own car] since test! All the best for the future and will keep your number! Thank you, Cameron.

Cameron P - May 2018

"Dear Sandi, Very happy Christmas + New Year. Thank you for your amazing teaching. All best wishes :)"

Alex W - December 2017

Skye from Kings School, Bruton passed her driving test on her first attempt in Wales.

Her mum sent me a message "Hi Sandi, I would just personally like to say a big thank you for your help with Skye. I believe without your extra help she wouldn't have passed."

Tracy N - November 2017

"Hi Sandi, just a big thank-you for all that you've done, I'm over the moon that I passed!"

Ruby C B passed her test 1st time at Yeovil DTC - October 2017

"Sandi was a great driving teacher. She consistently found time for lessons for me, so that I could progress from being a six years out-of-practice learner to a qualified driver in a short time. Her car is very pleasant to drive and she had a good ability to identify the areas of my driving I was struggling with. After her help and some independent practice, I now feel like a skilled and safe driver. Importantly, she is a nice person to spend many hours driving with and talking to too!"

Oliver C passed his test in 3 months - May 2017

"I passed my test!!"

Poppy's dad - 'Thank you for getting Poppy all the way through to passing her test. We are so pleased and relieved!

Poppy G passed her driving test 1st time in her own car - April 2017

"Hi Sandi, I passed and I only had 3 minors, thank you"

Epernay E passed her driving test 1st time in her own car - April 2017

"Hi Sandi, just wanted to say a massive thanks for helping me pass first time!! All the best, Hope :)"

Hope S E - November 2016

"Hi Sandi just taken my driving test. I passed!! Thanks for your help. I only got 3 minors! My brother will be learning to drive next year so you will hear from us again. Thanks. T"

Thomas passed his driving test in his own car at his first attempt at Yeovil DTC

Thomas S - November 2016

"Hi it's Trev, I passed my test :) with 2 minor faults, that's it! :) Thank you for your help"

Trevor passed his driving test in his own car at his first attempt at Yeovil DTC

Trevor M - August 2016

"Hi Sandi, just wanted to let you know that after a veryyyyyy long wait, I finally passed my test with 0 faults!! :)

Thank you again for all your help, I really benefited from and appreciate it!"

James passed his driving test in his own car at his second attempt at Westbury DTC

James M - August 2016

Conor Rice's mum - "On behalf of my son, Conor, I would like to thank Sandi for giving him the skills and confidence to pass his test the first time and with just 3 faults. I would highly recommend her."

Julia R - May 2016

Bella Rubbo's mum - "Thanks for all your help with Bella. We are all delighted."

Catherine R - November 2015

"Thank you for putting up with me in the last few months and helping me through my lessons. You are a really good teacher and so lovely."

Asher-lee D - November 2015

"Just texting you to tell you that I passed my practical driving test! Thanks for everything x"

Alex passed his driving test in his own car at his first attempt at Chippenham DTC

Alex T - October 2015

"I would like to say a massive 'thank you' once again for the past 6 months of driving and how you helped me do things the right way."

Toby passed his driving test 1st time with 2 driving faults at Westbury DTC

Toby B - July 2015

"Sandi's patience was one of the attributes I thought was helpful to my success, aside from life saving instructions. Sandi was very flexible in times for lessons and test dates. Thank you Sandi"

Tendai J - June 2015

"I was an extremely nervous driver having not driven since I was 17 (now 45). I found Sandi to be a very calming influence. She managed to build my confidence week on week until, when I was ready to take my test I passed first time with only two minor faults! I would like to thank Sandi for her patience and encouragement-a great combination! I would recommend her to others any day."

Briony W - January 2015

"Sandi explains everything in a way I could understand and put into practice, she helped me to pass where my previous instructor failed"

Sam T - July 2014

"Thank you so much for all your help. You have been very kind in making time for me and listened to my concerns and for making sure I was well prepared."

Eve passed her driving test 1st time in her own car at Chippenham DTC

Eve E - November 2013

"Phew! it was hard work but I couldn't have done it without Sandi's help. I'll be recommending her to my younger sister when she turns 17"

Tamar passed her driving test at her 2nd attempt at Chippenham DTC

Tamar K - October 2013

"I found lessons with Sandi much better than with my previous instructor and it was easier to prepare and pass my test".

Chris R - September 2013

"I started lessons with Sandi after not getting on with my previous instructor. Sandi is an amazing instructor who taught me well"

Adam P - August 2013

"Just a little something to say thank you very much for all your hard work, getting me back in the driving seat after passing 20 years ago and spending all this time as a passenger. Best wishes + love"

Elizabeth H (73 year old lady) - July 2013

"I really struggled at first to get to grips with driving, but Sandi was so calm with me that helped me become a confident, safe driver and I passed first time!

Definitely recommend her, thank you Sandi"

Rebekah passed her driving test 1st time in her own car at Yeovil DTC

Rebekah F - May 2013

"Sandi helped me gain confidence and competence whilst increasing my ability to become a safe driver for life not just to pass my test"

Joshua W- February 2013

Ruby's husband - "Just to say a very BIG thank you. You have done my wife proud. You are the best! Ruby said. Thank you again, regards"

Mark A - January 2013

"Sandi managed to get rid of all my bad driving habits and prepared me for my test. From teaching me how to park to driving in the city, I was very confident entering my exam that enabled me to pass first time! A friendly instructor who has an apparent knowledge of how the practical examination system works. Thank-you!"

George P - November 2012

Custis Francis' mum - "I just want to say a big thank you for making my son's first driving lesson so happy and informative. He has come home very happy and enthusiastic and thinks you are a very nice lady. Kind thanks once again."

Sasha F - July 2012

"Sandi is an amazing instructor- I am 63 and had lost my driving confidence. After only four lessons my life has changed. I am enjoying driving again- something I thought I might never do, and as I live in the country this was a real problem. I feel so much safer now and have a new understanding of driving ( lots of things have changed since I took my test!) She is so easy to work with and has a rare ability to make you believe in yourself. Top marks Sandi!"

Mo E (63 year old lady) - June 2012

“My friend Marie referred me to Sandi after she had a refresher post test course. I remember Marie being so nervous about her driving and although her car was parked outside she would ask her boyfriend to drive us places. Sandi made her into a very confident driver, I was so pleased that I had to take driving lessons with the same driving instructor and I am so glad I did. I passed my driving test on my 1st attempt even though I was about to postpone it one more time. I just wanted to say thanks again for her expert driving instruction!”

Alex R - London 2011

“My brother passed his driving test on his first attempt with Sandi. My parents, my sister and I were so impressed because he is such hard work! (She must have had nerves of steel and plenty of patience). I then went on to have my own driving lessons and I found I learned quickly as Sandi advised me to study the core syllabus which helped me to understand what she taught me and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Oh... I also passed on my 1st time too! ”

Felix Macd